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The Choir is home to hundreds of children from all walks of life, and is therefore representative of a broad range of cultural, social, financial, racial and religious backgrounds. It was with this in mind that the concept of a Choir student/youth cultural exchange program was born over two years ago, and since that time we have made many friends from all over the world.
The International Rainbow Society is now the base for our cultural exchange program, our truly unique global classroom. The internet is a wonderful tool for information sharing, but only if we take appropriate measures to protect the safety and innocence of our children. To participate in this part of our site, you must first register, after which, and if approved, you will be able to contribute information via a moderator. All contributions will be scanned for content approval in this very large and fun-filled safe kids' zone with new items from contributers posted weekly.
Please complete EVERY field in the Registration Form below. Leaving any field blank will void your registration and you will therefore be unable to contribute to this zone.

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